Sie suchen eine fundierte Ausbildung, die Ihnen den neuesten Stand der Technologie vermittelt und Branchenwissen gibt? Dann sind Sie richtig bei SCHOLPP.

A fully rounded education.

Are you looking for a well-grounded apprenticeship where you will learn about the latest technology and gain industry-specific skills and knowledge? Are you curious to find out how an industrial service provider can play a part in ensuring its customers’ operations are a success? Then you’ll fit right in at SCHOLPP. Apply for one of our vocational training positions and take the first step towards becoming a part of the SCHOLPP family. Machines alone are not enough to make us a success – it takes a combination of technology and people. This is why we don’t just focus on technical knowledge but place great importance on social skills as well. A number of our best-performing trainees have gone on to permanent positions at SCHOLPP. Give your future the best start you can.

Are you looking for a serious apprenticeship that teaches you about the latest technology and industry skills? Then SCHOLPP is the right place for your wide-ranging apprenticeship.