Für welche Dienstleistung Sie sich auch immer entscheiden: SCHOLPP packt erst zusammen, wenn alles so funktioniert, wie Sie es sich vorstellen.

A service completely geared to your products.

One of our special industrial services involves performing the same assembly processes over and over again or carrying out complete installations of similar machines from a particular manufacturer. Our goal here is clear: establishing efficient, long-term cooperations with machine manufacturers and delivering a high-quality service. To this end, we train one or more teams specifically on your machines. We can assist your employees with everything from dismantling and transporting the machinery right through to commissioning and beyond, or you can outsource the entire process to us and free up your team for other projects. Our teams are assembled to meet your specific requirements and can consist of mechanics, machinists, mechatronics engineers, electricians, and electronic and electrical engineers. Even the equipment that we use is carefully customized to your machines. This means we not only ensure that your machine is lifted at the correct load points, but also that it is ready to go back into operation as soon as possible.

On request, SCHOLPP will train one or more teams specifically for your machines.