Für welche Dienstleistung Sie sich auch immer entscheiden: SCHOLPP packt erst zusammen, wenn alles so funktioniert, wie Sie es sich vorstellen.

Anyone can take things apart – dismantling is a job for the professionals.

If you’re moving machinery or relocating production to another site, the first step in the process is to dismantle your equipment at the old location. Our experts know exactly how to handle your sensitive equipment. For us, meticulous matchmarking and documentation, cleaning and careful packing of every single part are all fundamental parts of dismantling. This means you can rest assured that everything will be perfectly prepared for transportation to the new location and subsequent reassembly. And if a machine has reached the end of its working life, SCHOLPP can handle decommissioning projects on any scale. We’ll take care of all the required safety precautions and can even ensure proper, documented disposal of materials.

Careful dismantling of complex machines and equipment is a job for experienced pros.