Für welche Dienstleistung Sie sich auch immer entscheiden: SCHOLPP packt erst zusammen, wenn alles so funktioniert, wie Sie es sich vorstellen.

Greater cost-effectiveness with seamless production.

At SCHOLPP, we understand the value of overall equipment effectiveness or OEE in your operations. Put simply, the objective is to eliminate disruptions in production. This is precisely where our expertise comes in: SCHOLPP is a service specialist in DIN 31051-standard technical maintenance and a specialist in the technical cleaning of complete industrial facilities. We can ensure continual modernization and seamless production.

Our industrial service is based on total productive maintenance (TPM) concepts combined with comprehensive process optimization: from machine functionality right through to the enhancement of the technical infrastructure and making sure the team is properly trained.

For trouble-free operation

Our technical cleaning and maintenance services include non-abrasive cleaning with CO2 jets, high-pressure water-jet cleaning, needs-based servicing of ventilation and air conditioning systems and continuous cycle painting systems, and individual fluid management concepts for all coolants and lubricants used in the production processes.

For leaner processes

Think of us as your “outtasker”. You contract us to undertake expensive or time-consuming technical and administrative tasks on your behalf: preassembly and final assembly, quality controls, complaint handling, picking and packing, and much more.

All our services are integral components of a complete package that is tailored to your needs.

Find out more about our services in our information brochure (currently only available in German).



With our servicing services, we make sure that your equipment will function reliably for a long time.