Für welche Dienstleistung Sie sich auch immer entscheiden: SCHOLPP packt erst zusammen, wenn alles so funktioniert, wie Sie es sich vorstellen.

Mobility meets efficiency: SCHOLPP.

With us, there is no such thing as too big to move – or too small. A key component of our transport logistics service is moving components of any size or shape. We use every conceivable form of transport – road, water, rail and air –, and we use them intelligently. SCHOLPP experts know the fastest, most cost-effective and most suitable routes. What’s more, SCHOLPP knows all the ins and outs of customs procedures. With us, you can be sure of a professional service from A to Z: loading, transport and unloading, including temporary storage of components and goods where required.

On the road, on the water, on the rails, in the air: SCHOLPP uses every form of transportation necessary to get your equipment to its destination.