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Total Leuna

Equipment installation

The SCHOLPP experts at the TOTAL refinery in Leuna were faced with a mammoth task. The refinery, which came online in 1997, processes around 12 million tonnes of crude oil annually. To produce low-sulphur heating oil in Leuna, the desulphurization unit New Kero HDS 3 was to be installed. This was a first because the unit had to be integrated into the technological processes during ongoing operation. It required an immense amount of coordination – and limited the room for manoeuvre on site. In total, SCHOLPP transported and installed around 1200 tonnes of equipment on behalf of BIS Rohrleitungsbau GmbH, including furnaces, reactors, columns, air coolers, containers, heat exchangers, compressors and pumps. The heavyweight components included the 115-tonne reactor and the 125-tonne column of the desulphurization unit. It took several months just to assemble the two furnaces with their various sections and chimney, and to complete the steel engineering construction work.

In brief:

Move-in and installation of the New Kero HDS 3 desulphurization unit at the TOTAL refinery in Leuna. Around 1200 tonnes of equipment in total, including a 115-tonne reactor and a 125-tonne column

Equipment used:

Cranes with lifting capacities from 45 to 250 tonnes, S-GK 700 and S-GK 300 telescopic cranes, AK 450 500-tonne lattice boom crane, 300-tonne telescopic crane, SPMT self-propelled gantry

Unique factors:

Limited space and immense amount of coordination required to synchronize all project team members on the construction site. Stringent safety standards as all work was conducted during ongoing operations at the refinery.

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