Assessing offers from service providers using the SCHOLPP checklist


Relocations and installations of machinery are complex projects. The offers of industrial service providers are often structured differently and sometimes contain different service descriptions for similar package headings. How should the client compare and assess them? With the SCHOLPP Checklist for Installers, we give you a useful tool for identifying and analyzing weak points in offers for relocations or installations of machinery.

The starting point when awarding a contract award for services such as relocation or installation is a solid offer. One fundamental condition is particularly important for the desired solidness: a good service offer must do more than just establish joint agreements in writing. What exactly does that mean? Many projects require a methodically planned procedure, specific technical expertise, and absolute commercial security. This should be reflected in the structure of the offer and in the accompanying documents – references, expert reports, certificates, etc. It is therefore usually insufficient for service providers to have only “general” experience with projects in the sector. The specific expertise for the specific task is crucial. Only in this way can a project be completed with the best possible quality.

What should you look out for when evaluating offers and selecting vendors?

Various criteria must be considered for a legally secure and valid offer:

  • Are the technical and logistical options for implementation clearly identified?
  • Is the quality of the services clear (precision, adherence to deadlines)?
  • Have all requirements (structural, legal, etc.) been taken into account?
  • Are the prices are transparent, with additional costs and payment conditions listed?
  • Is the period of validity of the offer precisely defined?

Due to structural deviations, companies often find it difficult to identify, compare, and evaluate precisely these important criteria in the offers of different service providers.

How can you recognize the bidder’s suitability for the execution of the contract?

With the SCHOLPP Checklist for Installers, you can identify and analyze critical weak points in offers for relocations or installations of machinery. We have designed our checklist in such a way that, at the end of the check, offers can be assessed with regard to the expertise, capability, and reliability of the service provider.

How is the checklist structured?

The checklist for examining offers consists of two main components. The first part shows you what you should look out for in an offer with regard to its form, content, and drafting. The second part highlights aspects you can use to identify a solid preparation of relocation projects and professional project management. The main aspect here is the key criterion for any successful project: project management. The questions in this second part are concerned with the three main topics in this area: organization, resources, and security. We wish you success in your project planning with our SCHOLPP checklist. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us: Send E-mail

You can download the checklist here.