Modern vehicles expand SCHOLPP’s fleet


With its powerful fleet of vehicles and equipment, SCHOLPP is creating the ideal conditions for the safe handling of all installation and relocation projects. The industrial service provider has invested in new tractors, semi-trailers, and tri-axle trailers across Germany in recent weeks and months. A special electric runabout is also set to be used in the southwest.

The modern and powerful SCHOLPP fleet has grown. New arrivals include two Mercedes-Benz “Actros 1848” semi-trailers, a total of four 3-axle semi-trailers with ramps, and a 3-axle drawbar trailer made by Müller Mitteltal. The vehicles will be used at various locations. The two 460 HP tractors with Euro 6 engines and three semi-trailers will support the elevator technology teams in Berlin and Chemnitz in their future escalator projects. The drawbar trailer will be used in regional installations in Baden. The fourth semi-trailer will be a welcome addition to the Stuttgart branch’s fleet.

The southwest team is using a new electric van – fast, agile and environmentally friendly – in their internal traffic at a major automotive manufacturer. The figures are something to be proud of: 135 km range, up to 1,200 kg loads, 50 km/h top speed, 1.30 m vehicle width. The practical box body means installers along with all their tools and equipment can be transported safely back and forth between the individual construction sites – in an environmentally friendly, cost effective, safe, and efficient manner.