SCHOLPP Academy opens in Erfurt


The start of construction in early January kicked off the new Training Academy of the SCHOLPP Group, market leaders in global industrial installations, in Erfurt. With it, the industrial service provider has created the institutional basis for innovative in-house training on moving and installing machinery and systems. The location of the new SCHOLPP Academy, Erfurt, boasts a central location in the Group’s site network and serves an important function as a central technology center.

Training as a company strategy task

Under the banner of “Topics. Technology. Teamwork.” SCHOLPP aims to further strengthen its competitiveness by training employees in its regional, national, and international installation business. The latest knowledge will be taught in order to set new quality standards in the industry with regard to training on installation equipment and safety technology. “We see training as a strategic business issue. We want to give our team new knowledge, exchange experiences, and pass on expertise to younger colleagues,” said Steffen Kühn, Managing Director responsible for setting up the Academy.

The management also expects this investment in employee qualifications to enhance the team spirit and sense of belonging within the SCHOLPP team. Employee motivation and retention are further intended to showcase the company’s attractiveness on the labor market in order to gain new employees. “Our SCHOLPP Academy is designed to be an in-house communications platform where employees from all branches can meet for training and discussion,” explained Steffen Kühn.

The concept of the SCHOLPP Academy

The concept of the SCHOLPP Academy is based on modular training. The program takes into account SCHOLPP employees’ time resources, which are mostly tied to projects. This is why the organizational concept is structured to fit in with the industry-typical conditions of the installation business. Technical knowledge will be taught with great time flexibility. Scholpp GmbH is planning to advance systematic personnel development through individual training to build up and maintain industry-specific knowledge resources in the team. Training courses will be offered for both technical industrial staff such as installation managers, supervisors, and specialist installers, and for commercial personnel and project management such as branch managers, project managers, and project assistants.

This is in response to increasing customer demand for a partner who is always up to date, who offers high levels of quality and safety, and who keeps customer orientation in mind. Kühn added, “The increasing complexity of technology has resulted in increased demands in relocation, installation, and industrial services projects. SCHOLPP is renewing its promise of quality through timely training and more responsibility.”

Half a million euros invested

The alterations at the Erfurt location began in January 2019 and were completed in February. “We are investing around half a million euros in the construction and furnishing of the SCHOLPP Academy. We are also placing the management of the Academy into experienced hands,” continued Steffen Kühn. In December 2018, an experienced training coordinator was hired and entrusted with the development and implementation of the Academy concept.

According to Kühn, the technical-industrial training will first and foremost require unity of theory and practice. “We give trainees the opportunity to see, understand, and practice by connecting the classrooms directly to the practice area at the Erfurt branch.” The teaching building integrated into the technology hall has a platform on its second floor that allows trainees to follow the live demonstration of technical equipment and vehicles in the hall.

Initial training started in March 2019

The first training course started in March 2019. Multiple modules gave SCHOLPP installation managers the necessary tools to be able to operate safely in their field of activity. The training content included current construction-site-related insurance law and occupational health and safety, efficient methods of construction documentation, and soft skills to improve communications with their team and customers.

The basic course content was determined by an internal survey on training needs in all branches. “We received plenty of detailed feedback. This is what we’re basing our future modules on,” explained Wolfgang Willing, Training Coordinator at SCHOLPP Academy. External lecturers are selected for their expert status and their industry experience. Employees from the SCHOLPP team with special expertise will also be included in the training modules. This is the only way to ensure that specialist knowledge and experience can be passed on to the next generation of professionals. The main focus will be on dealing with special-purpose equipment or how to behave in sensitive technology environments.

Strengthening corporate culture in the digital transformation

From the management’s perspective, the SCHOLPP Academy also serves as a vehicle for feedback and impetus. “The questions our employees bring with them from practice into the training sessions are important indicators of our current skill level. Where is there a need? They are also the driving force for the development of the company itself. Where do we need to go?”, added Branch Manager Kai Kretzer.

SCHOLPP GmbH expects positive effects on corporate culture to arise from this needs-based employee training. The official opening ceremony will take place on June 3, 2019.