SCHOLPP consolidates electrical expertise in Erfurt


The SCHOLPP Group, Europe’s leading industrial installation company, is continuing its investment in the expansion of the Thuringian branch by consolidating the company’s internal electrical expertise in the state capital. Starting in the fall of 2018, parts of the company from Hesse and Saxony will be gradually relocated to Erfurt. This means both that SCHOLPP commuters will be able to work closer to home and that technology and inventory scheduling will take place in Stotternheim from now on.

The enlarged core of the Thuringian team creates a solid basis for further healthy growth. Headed by Thuringian Branch Manager Kai Kretzer, the location will reach the sales threshold of 10 million euros and have over 100 employees. “We have a lot of interesting positions to fill,” confirmed Kretzer. Skills in electrical planning and construction are in demand, plus there are also openings in calculation, billing systems, and warehouse management.

However, recruitment will focus in particular on technical personnel for local and global deployment. This is not just limited to electricians, industrial mechanics, or mechatronics specialists. Newcomers with an interest in technology and a feel for craftsmanship can also find opportunities. “We’ve got nearly everything,” said the branch manager with a smile, “and we can even turn a locksmith into a perfect ‘industrial wizard’ thanks to our training center in Erfurt.” Over time, people can make up for a lack of training with their years of experience and technical knowledge gained from projects.

SCHOLPP realizes more than 7,000 installation and relocation projects around the world every year, with regional activities carrying the same weight as interregional and international jobs. Now with 16 branches across Germany, the aim is not just to be close to customers, but also to increase the benefits to employees and to employ them close to home. This strategy will create more than 70 new long-term jobs at the Erfurt branch, ensuring that we are a reliable partner for the industry in Thuringia and that we can meet the growing market requirements, including the employment market.

"We are aware that we can’t send our boys out and around the world 365 days a year,” said Managing Director Steffen Kühn, explaining the special requirements in the installation business. But with a total of 1,200 employees around the globe, the large pool of staff always makes it possible to find a compromise that meets both the business needs and the individual employee’s personal obligations.

Longer missions abroad bring financial incentives as well as another charming side effect. “Anyone working around the world for us should always have the opportunity to get to know the country and its people,” stressed Steffen Kühn. There’s always plenty of leisure time after a hard day’s work to take a swim in the beaches of Florida or Malaysia or to fish off the islets of Norway. “Under the banner of ‘With Scholpp into the world’, we will be reporting more about this other side of installation through our digital channels,” said the Managing Director, hoping as well to do away with unwarranted prejudices.