SCHOLPP Paris branch at full speed


The SCHOLPP Paris branch opened its doors in September 2018. Just six months later, the German-French team is up to full speed – quite literally. The main business of the Paris SCHOLPP team is escalator installation.

There’s a reason for SCHOLPP’s interest in the French capital: the Summer Olympics will be held in Paris in 2024. Extensive infrastructure investment worth billions of euros has therefore been mobilized. Much of this investment is earmarked for expanding public transport, especially in enlarging and modernizing the metro network. And metro stations need escalators to transport thousands of passengers in a fast, safe, and convenient way.

“So we followed the call of the escalator industry to Paris. The industry expects up to 1,500 new escalator systems in the next five years,” explained Steffen Kühn, Managing Director at SCHOLPP responsible for setting up the Paris branch. The jobs in the metropolitan area include both replacing old escalators in existing stations and installing new escalators in new metro stations.

“It’s fascinating. We are seeing a city on the move, eagerly anticipating the big Olympic event. There are architecturally spectacular metro stations being built with cutting-edge facilities. I am delighted that SCHOLPP is able to bring its expertise to bear as a professional escalator installer,” said Steffen Kühn.

The Paris branch gets its main support from the SCHOLPP Berlin location, where the escalator installation skill center is. “Both locations are linked via direct air routes. If our Parisian colleagues need support, we can have a team there in no time,” said Karsten Stoppel, Senior Installation Manager, of the location’s advantages.

Installation trucks plus numerous forklifts and Manghi industrial cranes have been stationed in Paris especially for this purpose. Besides modern offices where the jobs are planned, the location also has a logistics center for the specialist technical equipment such as aluminum portals, electric chain hoists, and various other hoists.

Plans are in place to expand the team in 2019 and 2020 and to hire another 20 skilled installers. Investments of around 250,000 euros for vehicles and equipment are also in the works.