SCHOLPP receives Rolls-Royce Maintenance Award for 2019


Rolls-Royce Germany has given SCHOLPP the Maintenance Award for the year 2019. The SCHOLPP team supported the aircraft engine specialists with installation and transport services for a maintenance project at its site in Oberursel near Frankfurt am Main.

Completing installation projects successfully and helping customers in important situations quickly with expertise, technology, and manpower are part of the everyday business of an industrial service provider such as SCHOLPP. “So we consider it a special honor for SCHOLPP if a customer gives our team an award for a successful project,” said SCHOLPP Managing Director Steffen Kühn. For 21 years, SCHOLPP has been providing industrial services for Rolls-Royce in Oberursel.

This time, the installation specialists from SCHOLPP’s Dietzenbach site were commissioned with a rush repair project. The preparation for the complex repair work on a production line required the dismantling of flywheels with weights of up to ten metric tons. These were to be removed from the production hall and put into temporary storage. For the subsequent repair work, the team designed and installed a rail-mounted cross traverse to pick up and move a load of approximately 20 metric tons. All this happened within a very short time and in close cooperation with Rolls-Royce employees and the machine manufacturer.

Dr. Christian Treffert, Head of Maintenance at Rolls-Royce Germany in Oberursel, near Frankfurt am Main, justified the award with the following words: “SCHOLPP provided Rolls-Royce with excellent support in a production-critical situation. SCHOLPP demonstrated a very high degree of flexibility and was able to provide the required staff and equipment on short notice, even on holidays and weekends. It is particularly important to mention that an employee was brought from abroad and made available to Rolls-Royce specifically to operate the cross traverse. They also provided massive support for the disassembly and reassembly of the system peripherals. This commitment meant that the repair was successfully completed in less time than planned.”

About Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce is a world-leading manufacturer of propulsion systems, represented in Germany with its three business areas of civil aviation, defense, and power systems. Within the Group, Germany has the second-largest workforce after the United Kingdom, with approximately 10,000 employees at 14 locations. The Oberursel site has established itself as a recognized production site in the Rolls-Royce Group. Its state-of-the-art manufacturing technology produces high-tech components for numerous Rolls-Royce aircraft engine ranges. The site is also a maintenance and service center for small gas turbines for many military and civilian applications.


Rolls-Royce: Maintenance Award 2019 for SCHOLPP
Rolls-Royce Germany has given SCHOLPP the Maintenance Award for the year 2019.