Investments rising, focus shifting: SCHOLPP is well prepared


A study conducted by the Institute of the German Economy (IDW) in Cologne has established that investments in the metal and electrical industries increased continuously from the financial crisis of 2009 to 2018. The figures since 2017/18 indicate a medium-term trend. Replacement and rationalization are now predominating in production again, instead of new acquisitions. The focus for investment is shifting, and SCHOLPP is adjusting its planning and resources to the shift.

The appearance of the study in August 2019 prompted SCHOLPP to prepare for this trend in terms of customer support. “The investment projects and plans of our customers in the metal and electrical industries are also reflected in our business with relatively little delay,” said SCHOLPP Managing Director Steffen Kühn, explaining why this study was evaluated internally.

The key figures in brief: the trend of the IDW study shows a decline in the proportion of investment going to expansions from 75 percent (average for the years 2007–2017) to 39 percent (2018). In contrast, the proportion of investment in replacement increased from 18 to 46 percent and in rationalization from 7 to 15 percent.

Steffen Kühn continued to explain that SCHOLPP wanted to be prepared for all of these situations in the sector, so as to keep reaction times to specific customer requests as short as possible. Whether they will be mainly transporting, delivering, and installing new machines or executing more relocation, automation, or retrofitting projects in existing production lines makes a difference for the planning of their own personnel and technical resources.

In principle, a high degree of flexibility applies in all industrial services for SCHOLPP: “Whatever operational situation our customers in the electrical and metal industries find themselves in, SCHOLPP can provide valuable support for any investment scenario, from new or replacement procurement to the conversion of production,” underscored Steffen Kühn.

All SCHOLPP’s regional and project managers who are involved with the metal and electronics industries already intensified their contact with their customers in the sector in late summer and fall. “The better informed we are about customer projects, the better we will be able to detect short-, medium-, and long-term planning horizons, estimate costs, and keep resources available for our customers,” summarized Kühn.

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Changes in metal and electrical industries: SCHOLPP is prepared.
SCHOLPP is prepared for the changes in the metal and electrical industries.