Creating value with proactive maintenance.

PTC PressEngineering has been part of the SCHOLPP Group since 2012 and is a leader in the installation, maintenance, modernization, performance improvement and certification of presses in the automotive, supplier and forming industries. Our range of services has two core elements: firstly, the installation and commissioning of new presses, and secondly, the engineering and refurbishment of existing press lines. We employ highly specialized experts at PTC PressEngineering in Oberhausen. They have one goal in mind: improving the performance of your presses and metalworking equipment.

We program new control software, improve lubrication and optimize transmissions. This means we can increase the performance of existing systems to up to 85% of the performance of a brand-new press. Engineering and refurbishment costs just 30% of the price of new equipment. We find technical solutions that simultaneously guarantee high system availability, reduce costs and ensure safety.

Many well-known customers from the automotive, supplier and metal forming sectors rely on our expertise. As your partner for digitalization, automation and system integration projects, we can help you optimize every stage of your processes. We offer manufacturer-independent solutions for conveyor belt systems, flexible assembly lines and robots as well as press services.

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