Every future has a past. And requires vision.

SCHOLPP was founded in 1956. In the challenging economy of post-war Germany, the company helped people to transport everyday loads. Over time, the objects handled became bigger and heavier. Buildings, machinery and production processes became more complex, and so did customer requirements. SCHOLPP kept pace with the times by responding with new technology and services. Today, SCHOLPP provides all-round solutions for moving heavy loads, and installing and modernizing machines and equipment in almost every industry – nationally and internationally. Much has changed since our beginnings, but one thing has remained constant: our commitment to delivering benefits for our customers through technology and service.

SCHOLPP: A family company with history and vision

1950sCompany founded as a regional transport company
1970sRigging unit established, first lifting gantries developed for printing presses
1990sExpansion of global industrial installation services
Company grows by establishing branches and subsidiaries in China, Malaysia and Spain, and through the acquisition of companies with additional services
2000sSCHOLPP establishes high-quality industrial services and consistently expands its network in Germany
2007Workforce services division established with the TimeProfessionals brand
2012Company begins to grow through selected buy & build measures and an increased focus on industrial services following the sale of the crane business
2016Market and quality leader in Germany with intense focus on the customer, active in all major sectors in Germany
2017 Installation companies merge to form SCHOLPP GmbH
2020Shares returned to the ownership of shareholders Wolfgang E. Mueller and Martin Scholpp to provide the company with a firm foundation for future success