Machine installation for the pharmaceutical industry

Machine installation for pharmaceutical production and packaging systems is subject to exacting requirements. Many machines are equipped with highly sensitive technology that requires careful handling. In factory halls, space is at a premium, requiring well thought-out logistics. If the ceilings in buildings with several floors have limited load-bearing capacity, special structures and engineering are required. In most production environments, cleanroom protocols must be adhered to, requiring specific hygiene measures and high-quality transport technology.

SCHOLPP offers precisely tailored services for these demanding environments: planning, engineering and logistics, transport and inward transfer of machines, as well as setup and preparation of machines for commissioning. Our fitters have the right specialized equipment and the experience to maneuver sensitive machines delicately in tight production spaces. Our staff have technical training and can be relied on to provide vibration-free transport for any assembly project in the pharmaceutical industry, up to EU GMP Class A.