Installation for the plastics industry and plastics machine engineering firms

Resource conservation, sustainability, environmental protection, efficiency – these issues are gaining relevance in connection to plastics. At the same time, plastics have become integral to our everyday lives. Plastic has much to offer, whether as a lightweight material for the automotive industry, protective covering for food and pharmaceutical products, electronics and consumer goods, or as a driver of innovation in environmental technology.

SCHOLPP is a partner to processors and machine manufacturers

Plastics machinery engineering has changed in step with the transformation in plastics processing. Novel manufacturing processes are being established and are reducing resource consumption while offering a high degree of functionality. The circular economy is developing into an ever more powerful engine for innovation among machine manufacturers. Intelligent assistance systems and software solutions will enable recycling materials to be used widely in the future.

This diversity in the product range and the changing demand mean that plastics processors are required to bring a high degree of flexibility to their production. Plastics machinery manufacturers are following these industry trends and are offering the market new machine systems. In this interplay of stakeholders in the plastics sector, SCHOLPP supports the companies with its modular services for new installations or the restructuring of production.