Installation of medical technology

The medical technology industry is a highly innovative economic sector and has very short product cycles. The machining centers for medical-technology products are subject to specific requirements in terms of precision, usability and their integration into the process chain. High-quality materials are also used, for example, titanium, titanium alloys and cobalt-chromium steels.

Important machine criteria need to be fulfilled at all times: long-term stability, precision and surface quality. In addition to technical demands, the medical technology sector is also shaped by regulations, such as the EU Medical Device Regulation. Medical technology is flourishing, while pressure is rising on pricing, quality and innovation. SCHOLPP stands at the ready with targeted industrial services for this complex industry landscape.

Technology special: Worldwide installation of proton therapy systems

Proton therapy is an innovative, cutting-edge treatment. Proton accelerators (cyclotrons weighing 200 metric tons), radiation machines (gantries weighing 100 metric tons), and beamlines (magnets) require a great deal of expertise during installation. Often, customized technical solutions are developed, which require detailed move-in studies. SCHOLPP is at work around the globe installing these complex high-tech systems in sensitive hospital environments.