In safe hands – with SCHOLPP.

Wherever people and equipment are responsible for handling massive, highly sensitive loads – especially in safety-critical environments – safety is the top priority. And at SCHOLPP, that’s not just on paper. Our safety management system is SCC** certified (Safety Certificate for Contractors). We employ a full-time safety engineer who is responsible for ensuring compliance with the complete SCHOLPP safety concept. Amongst other things, this concept specifies that trained safety officers and first-aiders are available at all branches and continuous professional development must be provided by the occupational safety committee. For each project, we create a custom hazard assessment for the work processes or workstations involved. Before work begins at the site, we give all employees thorough safety instructions. Only staff who can demonstrate that they are authorized to operate the technical equipment are allowed to use it. All technical equipment undergoes regular, in-depth safety checks. We also factor in generous safety margins for all processes and equipment used.