SCHOLPP is an installation partner to the food and beverage industry

Producers of foodstuffs place very specific demands on the suppliers of machines, and on industrial service providers who operate in sensitive production areas. Not only must statutory hygiene standards be met, but also strict requirements in terms of the condition and quality of production equipment.

High industry standards call for reliable industrial services

The food and luxury foods sector is one of the most regulated industries. The production of food is subject to the strictest requirements and intensive controls. All of this has a particular influence on the machines and plants used. SCHOLPP can provide effective support here to machine manufacturers and users with industrial services for installation, relocation, and modernization.

SCHOLPP offers the right solutions for an ultra-modern industry

The machines and plants operating in a food processing facility are characterized by a high level of productivity and functional accuracy. However, future viability must not only be guaranteed from a technical standpoint, but also with regard to hygiene and product quality. SCHOLPP’s industrial services meet the requirements of the food industry according to the latest standards in technical expertise, from hygiene regulation to the high-quality sector under cleanroom conditions.