Installation of paper and packaging machines

Products from the paper processing industry are a part of day-to-day life and ever-present in professional logistics. Packaging is a true all-rounder. It serves as a protective wrapping for products and ensures smooth logistics. Moreover, as a messenger for brands it influences customers’ buying preferences. Today, packaging manufacturers need to meet market requirements in terms of shape, design, aesthetics, feel and aroma. However, due to legal requirements and consumer expectations, packaging will need to be more environmentally friendly in the future.

Environmental awareness is driving new product trends

To this end, the packaging industry now offers new solutions such as packaging that is resealable, portionable or flexible in size. The paper and packaging industries are responding to these expectations in manufacturing, printing and refinement. Water-based paints and lacquers, mono-films or new composite materials are improving the recycling quota and therefore our environmental footprint.

Opportunities of digitalization: New products, new processes

Digitalization is unlocking new potential for efficiency. Printed electronics and RFID labels are transforming packaging into intelligent actors in the logistics process. Smart packaging monitors the state of its contents or communicates with users. To keep pace in this dynamic field over the long term, paper and packaging companies rely on the market and technical expertise of machine and plant manufacturers, as well as on dependable support by industrial service providers like SCHOLPP.