Calciner transported to China

A calciner is at the heart of any cement and plaster production facility. But most of all it is huge: at 32 metres long and 4 metres in diameter, it resembles a rocket. This particular calciner was needed in China, so SCHOLPP loaded the 180-tonne giant onto a 20-axle special-purpose transport vehicle in Rossla (Saxony-Anhalt/Germany). The calciner was lifted with a gantry, steel cables and shackles, and painstakingly placed in transport casings with millimetre precision. With their deft touch and wealth of experience, the SCHOLPP team from Erfurt quickly managed the challenge. The 120-kilometre journey to the port of Schönebeck on the Elbe river took six days. From there, the calciner was sent to Hamburg for onward shipment.

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Deutsche Vakuumapparate Holland Merten


Mechanical engineering , Forming industry

Project type:

International relocation projects


Loading a calciner by Deutsche Vakuumapparate Merten GmbH

Equipment used:

TG 1000 with four legs

Unique factors:

Loading a calciner in a hall with tight space constraints. Placing the calciner in transport casings with millimetre precision.

Contact person:

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