Company relocation: 100,000 parts in 5 days

It seemed impossible, but SCHOLPP made it happen: During the relocation of R + W Antriebselemente GmbH, a large number of components needed to be dismantled, transported and reinstalled within an extremely short time. The target was met thanks to detailed planning, targeted staffing and close cooperation with the client. R + W produces precision couplings for powerful drives and heavy-duty industrial couplings with maximum safety. The company has high requirements for its own products, which need to be quick, precise and safe. And the same applies to its service providers.

The construction of a new site meant that the entire factory needed to be relocated from Klingenberg to the new site three kilometers away in Wörth am Main, south of Aschaffenburg. The SCHOLPP Dietzenbach team had already impressed the client with its technical abilities multiple times over recent years with its execution of smaller installation projects such as the bringing in and removal of milling machines, and was awarded the contract for this large project.

The company relocation covered all of the production facilities at the Klingenberg site as well as several smaller field offices. Everything was to be merged into a single site at the new location in Wörth. The largest components, seven machining centers, weighed up to 10 metric tons, with the largest dimensions measuring 4.5 x 2.5 meters. The SCHOLPP team was responsible for the dismantling, loading, transportation and reinstallation of the machinery.

Years of experience, good organization and methodical logistics

The relocation list also included multiple smaller machines, manual workstations, all of the production equipment and the computer workstations. There were around 100,000 items on the packing list in total. Keeping an overview of the tasks in hand was an organizational challenge, particularly because R + W was conducting a stock-take at the same time as well as switching to a new warehousing system. The large number of small parts called for particular skill on the part of the fitters and a lot of manual work. It was very important to keep an overview of the overall project and to handle all of the parts in a logistically sensible manner. Completing the job in such a short space of time required a lot of experience, as summarized by the SCHOLPP project management team.

Client impressed by the team’s dedication

A team of 24 people worked on the project in a two-shift system, and completed the job cleanly and on time within just five days. SCHOLPP’s schedule meant that all machines could be commissioned at the new factory at the same time, and the client was impressed that the team managed to follow the schedule so precisely. A sensational team performance.

Machine installation with the specialist SCHOLPP
Machine installation with the specialist SCHOLPP
Machine installation with the specialist SCHOLPP
Machine installation with the specialist SCHOLPP
Machine installation with the specialist SCHOLPP

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R + W Antriebselemente GmbH, Klingenberg/Wörth am Main


Mechanical engineering , Forming industry

Project type:

Rigging projects


Relocation of R + W Antriebselemente GmbH

Equipment used:

Large number of individual components, tight time frame of just 5 days

Unique factors:

hohe Anzahl an Einzelkomponenten, enges Zeitfenster von nur 5 Tagen

Contact person:

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