Dismantling and installation of inclined moving walkways

Roof structure calls for special solution for inside delivery

Old walkways out, new walkways in: Schindler Deutschland AG commissioned SCHOLPP to replace inclined moving walkways at the Eiche shopping mall in Ahrensfelde, near Berlin. Schindler is a world-leading manufacturer of elevators, escalators, and moving walkways. The SCHOLPP team from Berlin has worked for the mobility specialist company for a number of years. This time, there was a special challenge to overcome.

The request sounded like a routine job at first: dismantling two old inclined moving walkways, and bringing in and installing two new walkways (each 26 m long and weighing 12 t). However, after the SCHOLPP team from Berlin had thoroughly inspected the site and taken measurements, the conclusion was reached that this project would require a special solution for inside delivery. In spite of this complication, the job went off without a hitch within two weeks.

The building joining the parking deck and the shopping mall offered no way to suspend equipment, due to the glass roof structure, so it was necessary to build a custom 28 m long longitudinal transport structure within two days in order to accomplish the dismantling and reinstallation work. First, the SCHOLPP team manufactured a connecting structure for two 14 m long supports (HEB 400) to support the crane.

Next, these were installed and attached within the building. Then, in the next step, the two old moving walkways were professionally dismantled within a week. Here, it was especially important to proceed carefully in order to prevent any damage to the building. SCHOLPP also handled the environmentally responsible disposal of the old moving walkways. Aside from the longitudinal transport structure, the team used two cranes with 40 t and 60 t capacity, a forklift, and an installation vehicle.

The new Schindler moving walkways were brought in and installed immediately upon completion of the dismantling work. The reinstallation lasted only three days in total. The team’s many years of experience with Schindler systems was on full display here. On the final project day, the SCHOLPP team dismantled the longitudinal transport structure. The professional, on-schedule installation in this tricky project reaffirmed our client Schindler’s confidence in SCHOLPP’s expertise in providing technical solutions.

Dismantling and installation of inclined moving walkways
Dismantling and installation of inclined moving walkways
Dismantling and installation of inclined moving walkways
Dismantling and installation of inclined moving walkways
Dismantling and installation of inclined moving walkways

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Schindler Deutschland AG


Escalator industry

Project type:

Rigging projects


Replacement of moving walkways including inside delivery and reinstallation at the Eiche shopping mall near Berlin (each 26 m long and weighing 12 t)

Equipment used:

Two cranes, 40 t and 60 t, forklift, installation vehicle

Unique factors:

Construction of a custom longitudinal transport structure (28 m long), because the building offered no way to suspend equipment

Contact person:

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