Extraction of an electron beam exposure system

Electron beam exposure systems are a challenge to transport. These high-tech assemblies are used in cleanrooms in the electronics and semiconductor industry as well as in research. The highly sensitive apparatus must not be subjected to any bumps, vibrations or temperature fluctuations, and may only be moved very slowly. So Vistec Electron Beam GmbH from Jena, Germany, turned to the transport specialists at SCHOLPP. The 10-tonne apparatus was loaded onto a truck from the first floor through an opening in the wall using a cherry picker known in the trade as a magic carpet.

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Semiconductor / Photovoltaic industry

Project type:

Rigging projects


Extraction of a highly sensitive electron beam exposure system on behalf of Vistec Electron Beam GmbH. The apparatus could not be subjected to any bumps, vibrations or temperature fluctuations.

Equipment used:

Cherry picker, truck

Unique factors:

The transport frame had to be constructed from four individual pieces underneath the machine as the machinery could not be subjected to any jolts, bumps or vibrations.

Contact person:

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