From Germany to Poland:

Relocating a TRUMPF punching machine

Making used machinery as good as new: Erwin Renz Metallwarenfabrik GmbH wanted to relocate a TRUMPF TC500 Rotation automated punching machine, including SheetMaster, to its factory in Gadki, Poland. TRUMPF machinery specialist mteg GmbH, based in Neuenstein near Heilbronn, worked with TRUMPF's Stuttgart-based assembly partner SCHOLPP to complete the project.

Relocating machinery to optimize production capacities

mteg is an authorized distributor of used metal forming machinery produced by global market leader TRUMPF. One of the company’s customers, Erwin Renz Metallwarenfabrik, recently commissioned it to relocate a TRUMPF TC500 Rotation automated punching machine, including SheetMaster, to its factory in Gadki, Poland.

The companies began the project by coordinating the schedules of all the parties involved. mteg acted as general contractor, defining how the companies would work with each other and with the customer. Both mteg and SCHOLPP have almost 20 years’ experience of working with TRUMPF machinery. The manufacturer certified their collaboration on this relocation to guarantee that all quality standards were being adhered to.

The project involved a number of different components weighing a total of 13.7 tonnes: the TC500 Rotation punching machine itself, a SheetMaster, various tool shelves and a scissor lift. The largest individual part measured 5.6 m x 2.0 m x 2.23 m. SCHOLPP was responsible for removing, loading, securing and transporting the machine, while mteg undertook the inventory, dismantling, reassembly and commissioning stages.

All of the various aspects of the job were agreed between both partners and the customer: from the provision of the equipment, consumables and crane to the transportation itself. Each step was incorporated into a strict schedule to ensure that production was halted for as brief a period as possible. For example, the teams were allotted just a few hours one evening to load the components so that the outgoing goods process was not affected.

The project went very smoothly as mteg and SCHOLPP’s teams are used to working with each other and are able to react quickly if any issues arise. The success of the project can also be attributed to the continuous support provided by the project manager, and site visits before and at the start of the project.

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mteg GmbH


Mechanical engineering

Project type:

International relocation projects


Relocating a TRUMPF TC500 Rotation automated punching machine, including SheetMaster, from Kirchberg an der Murr, Germany to Gadki, Poland

Equipment used:

AC45 mobile crane, 5t electric forklift, Robot 20 chassis (self-driving heavy-duty rollers), 3 HGVs

Unique factors:

Tight schedule to ensure as little production downtime as possible, TRUMPF-certified partnership between mteg and SCHOLPP

Contact person:

Want to know more about this project? Please contact us.