In-plant relocation of machinery

Dismantling machines, transporting them to a new production site, reassembling them and putting them back into operation – this is all in a day’s work for the SCHOLPP specialists. Yet they continually face new challenges, too, as was the case with the internal relocation of production machinery at the Viega plant in Grossheringen (Thuringia/Germany). This project involved moving more than 100 complex machines and pieces of equipment for the manufacture of piping systems.

The machinery relocation at the Viega installation technology plant began in October 2012 and was completed in four stages, each lasting approximately three months. One of the key challenges in the project was that last-minute instructions were received to dismantle and reassemble additional machines. These had to be planned and implemented in a very tight window, on top of the relocations that had already been planned. This called for great flexibility and fast responses from the SCHOLPP team on site. Up to 20 SCHOLPP specialists could be found working at the Viega plant in Grossheringen at any given time. The last phase of the project was completed in late 2013 when all the machinery and equipment in the fourth phase resumed full-scale production.

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Mechanical engineering

Project type:

Relocation projects


Internal relocation of more than 100 machines and pieces of equipment on behalf of Viega GmbH & Co KG in Grossheringen, Germany

Equipment used:

Tool containers, forklifts, in-plant crane, lifting gantry, machine transport vehicle

Unique factors:

Highly complex machinery and equipment (in some cases custom-made), tight schedule, last-minute expansion of the scope of work to include additional dismantling and reassembly work

Contact person:

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