Indoor delivery and installation of vacuum chambers

Unloading, indoor delivery and lateral transport of 15-metric-ton vacuum chambers

Northern-Saxon glass manufacturer Flachglas Torgau GmbH in Torgau was adding two vacuum chambers to its production facility. These are a key component in the production of special glass for vehicles, solar panels and other applications. The Torgau plant is part of the French Saint-Gobain Group, the global leader in innovative materials, construction materials, and packaging. For SCHOLPP, this order was a typical one-day installation job.

The vacuum chambers will continue to be used in the Torgau coating plants for producing thermal-protection, sun-protection and semi-finished-product layers for solar applications. Equipped with the new technology, this site will now be able to coat huge glass panes measuring up to 18 meters in length. The task for the SCHOLPP team was to offload the two chambers, each weighing more than 15 metric tons, and bring them into the plant. Despite the high weight, the order was planned as a one-day installation from the outset.

Special heavy-duty rollers

In terms of equipment, SCHOLPP brought a mobile crane, an assembly trolley, a forklift, and heavy-duty rollers to the site. The heavy-duty rollers, specially selected for this order, combined two important technical properties: very high load capacity and extremely low loading height. This meant the chambers could be confidently rolled into the plant in one day, despite the low clearance heights.

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Flachglas Torgau GmbH


Mechanical engineering

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Rigging projects


Indoor delivery and installation of vacuum chambers

Equipment used:

Mobile crane, assembly trolley, forklift and heavy-duty rollers

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