Indoor delivery of ATMs

Tricky regional installation requires maneuvers precise to the millimeter

A small window of opportunity: bks Rabe GmbH in Chemnitz is a company specializing in providing, supplying and servicing ATMs and payment systems manufactured by its partner company. It frequently happens that these machines cannot be moved into the respective locations (authorities, public utilities, libraries) via a “normal” transport route. For many years, companies have worked closely with SCHOLPP to solve precisely these tricky transport and installation jobs. This time, an ATM needed to be brought into a vehicle registration office in Thuringia. Only a window in the building could be used as an entry point for the machine.

The SCHOLPP team’s first task on this job was to pick up the MaxiPay ATM at bks Rabe in Chemnitz and transport it by truck to Mühlhausen. At first sight, bringing in the machine, weighing just under 1.5 metric tons and 1.9 meters tall, seemed straightforward. The trickier the spatial conditions on site, the higher the demands on our installers.

SCHOLPP has many years of experience installing and removing similar ATMs and payment systems in narrow administrative, commercial and bank buildings. The installers repeatedly come across tricky situations. The usually very tight spatial constraints at building openings or within the buildings mean that special solutions are called for, such as long loading-crane arms or aluminum gantries with high load capacities.

The ATM could only be brought in through a window using a forklift, as the entrance and the stairwell were too narrow. First, the machine had to be tipped into a horizontal position in order to maneuver it through the window. Only once it was in the counter hall could the machine be returned to its normal upright position. To do this, the SCHOLPP installers used a gantry that was small but able to bear a large load. They also used an assembly trolley with a trailer for all lateral transports.

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bks Rabe GmbH


Mechanical engineering

Project type:

Rigging projects


Indoor delivery of an ATM (weight just under 1.5 t, dimensions: 1.9×0.9×0.9 m) in a public-administration building

Equipment used:

Forklift (6 metric tons), aluminum gantry, loading crane, installation equipment

Unique factors:

Indoor delivery through a narrow building opening (window)

Contact person:

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