Inside delivery of a cooling unit

New cooling technology at RKK Klinikum Freiburg

The RKK Klinikum Freiburg (Regional Alliance of Church Hospitals – Freiburg Hospital) has invested in the renovation of its air conditioning infrastructure. The SCHOLPP team in Stuttgart was awarded the contract to remove old technology and bring in a new cooling unit weighing 3.7 tonnes as well as three new rooftop coolers (2 t in total).

The new systems were supplied by Cofely Refrigeration GmbH from the town of Lindau. The company leads Europe in the supply of energy-efficient cooling technology for industry, hospitals, and other large properties. Walter Föger, Project Manager at Cofely, has relied on installation partner SCHOLPP for years: “The teams know how they need to work with our high-quality technology. This means we can rely on our customers having a good image of us. SCHOLPP’s service fits easily into a good overall package of our products and services.”

The project was completed in just two days. On the first day, the four technical components arrived at the hospital in Freiburg. The heaviest part, the cooling unit, was the first to be transported across the hospital grounds to its starting position, ready for inside delivery the next day. At the same time, the crane was being constructed by partner company SCHOLPP Kran und Transport from Stuttgart.

On the second day, the project team replaced the cooling unit and cooler in succession using a 400 t hydraulic rough-terrain crane. The cargo had to be transported to the entry opening via a large crane radius of 70 m. This called for precise work and good coordination in the team. After the old systems were removed and transported away, they were first stored for four months at SCHOLPP and then fully recycled. The person in charge at the RKK Klinikum, Jens Renzow, was happy with the process: “In the sensitive environment of a hospital, it is important that projects like this are carried out as quickly as possible with minimal disruption. This was definitely a job well done.”

Inside delivery of a cooling unit
Inside delivery of a cooling unit
Inside delivery of a cooling unit
Inside delivery of a cooling unit
Inside delivery of a cooling unit

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Cofely Refrigeration GmbH


Medical / Pharmaceutical industry

Project type:

Rigging projects


Removal/inside delivery of a cooling unit weighing 3.7 t as well as three rooftop coolers (2 t)

Equipment used:

S-HK 400 hydraulic terrain crane

Unique factors:

70 m crane radius, temporary storage and recycling of the old systems

Contact person:

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