Installation and commissioning of a TruLaser Cell 7020

Since 2001, SCHOLPP has installed and commissioned laser machines worldwide for Trumpf, the global market leader for industrial lasers and laser systems. The SCHOLPP installation specialists have now put around 1000 Trumpf machines into operation. But rarely has the short distance between the truck and the planned final location been as tricky as it was at Erlangen-Nuremberg University. Here they installed a Trumpf TruLaser Cell 7020 in the hall of the engineering faculty. Buildings of this kind usually have a large entrance with unobstructed access, but in this case the 9-tonne machine body (measuring 5.4 x 3.0 x 3.2 metres) and the 7 x 5 x 4 metre cabin had to be transported over an uneven ramp with a very steep gradient. The transport cart that would normally have been used for the on-site transport of laser machines was out of the question here. The two-man SCHOLPP installation team quickly devised a solution. The machines were delicately manoeuvred into the hall with the aid of a mobile crane. The 60-tonne mobile crane lifted the machine components over the problematic section and gently placed them on a transport cart on the other side. A forklift pulled the transport cart and its valuable load to the new location. The SCHOLPP team positioned the machine body, set up the associated equipment and assembled the cabin with their customary speed and attention to detail and safety.

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Mechanical engineering

Project type:

New installation projects


Transport from the truck, installation and commissioning of a TruLaser Cell 7020 laser processing machine on behalf of Trumpf in a hall at Erlangen-Nuremberg University

Equipment used:

Transport cart, 4-tonne forklift, 60-tonne mobile crane

Unique factors:

Difficult transport route over an uneven ramp with a steep gradient. Solution: delicately manoeuvre the machine using a mobile crane.

Contact person:

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