Installation in the cleanroom: Lithography system move-in for a semiconductor manufacturer

Carefully floated into production: SCHOLPP put its more than 25 years of installation experience in cleanrooms to good use in this project for the semiconductor manufacturer Qualcomm in Munich. A lithography system from the manufacturer ASML in Veldhoven/Netherlands had to be moved in and installed. The sensitive system was divided into components and temperature-regulated. Vibration-free air cushion technology was used to move the various components.

Qualcomm Technologies is one of the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers. A TWINSCAN lithography system with a total weight of 11 metric tons and dimensions of 3.2 x 2.0 x 2.6 m had to be moved in and positioned at the Munich site. It was delivered by the manufacturer ASML in various components. The largest parts included the main body (5.5 metric tons), the reticle station (1.5 metric tons), and the wafer station (2.5 metric tons).

Specialist cleanroom team from SCHOLPP Dresden

Five working days were scheduled for the SCHOLPP specialist team from Dresden for the move-in and installation project. The highly sensitive scanner system components were transported on a low-bed truck in two special RGX containers, which ensure permanent flushing of the optical components such as the lens optics, cooling, and safe transportation of the system components. Data loggers record any vibrations and temperature fluctuations that may arise during the entire transport.

For the experienced SCHOLPP team from Dresden, the job began with unloading. The RGX containers were carefully brought to the move-in opening and secured using a truck-mounted crane (150 metric tons) with ASML girders and a cross beam. A fourfold securing solution was developed with the customer in advance:

  1. At the move-in opening: support on a double T-beam prepared on site
  2. On the opposite side: 8-ton forklift for flexible height leveling
  3. A pallet structure underneath the respective RGX container
  4. At the airlock: lashing on the cleanroom side using tension belts

Vibration-free transportation using air cushion technology

On the cleanroom side, the air hoses of the six air cushion pads (each with a load capacity of 1.5 metric tons) were now connected to the control unit. The doors had previously been opened and the protective film removed. Air was then fed into the system and the main body was made to “float” on an air film by our specialists using finely adjustable regulators.

Now this system component could be moved from the RGX container over previously placed VA panels and brought through a temporary airlock into the cleanroom. The reticle station was then moved to the foundation provided. Other system components were transported by the fitters in the same way. All work in the cleanroom was carried out in accordance with the prescribed cleanroom protocol and with cleanroom-compatible clothing.

Precisely planned, punctually executed

Deadlines and cleanroom requirements were strictly adhered to throughout the project. As a result, the lithography system with all its components was positioned on schedule at its new location in the Qualcomm production facility in Munich. Thanks to the 25 years of cleanroom experience of the SCHOLPP team in Dresden, jobs of this nature with strict requirements can be completed smoothly in the truest sense of the word. Vibration-free air cushion technology for the sensitive system components, special cleanroom equipment for transportation, and protective clothing for the team – SCHOLPP brings with it everything it takes to accomplish these projects.

SCHOLPP is a long-standing assembly partner to the semiconductor industry
SCHOLPP is a long-standing assembly partner to the semiconductor industry
SCHOLPP is a long-standing assembly partner to the semiconductor industry
SCHOLPP is a long-standing assembly partner to the semiconductor industry
SCHOLPP is a long-standing assembly partner to the semiconductor industry
SCHOLPP is a long-standing assembly partner to the semiconductor industry

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Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. / Munich


Semiconductor / Photovoltaic industry

Project type:

New installation projects


Move-in of an ASML TWINSCAN lithography system (11 metric tons), coordinated by the ASML Customer Service Team Dresden, in the cleanroom environment of a semiconductor manufacturer

Technology used:

Special cross beam, special girders, truck-mounted crane (150 metric tons), crane platform, forklifts (8 + 13 metric tons), air cushion system (6 pads with a load capacity of 1.5 metric tons each), cleanroom pallet trucks (2 + 3 metric tons)

Unique factors:

Use of air cushion technology and special cleanroom equipment in the cleanroom

Contact person:

Want to know more about this project? Please contact us.