Installation of a printing machine in Italy

Web-offset machine installed at Rotolito Lombarda near Milan

For decades, SCHOLPP has been a partner for the complete installation of printing machines. Long-standing client manroland GOSS web systems in Augsburg tasked SCHOLPP with the indoor delivery and installation of a new LITHOMAN web-offset machine in Italy. The workplace for the new machine was in the printshop of Rotolito Lombarda, near Milan.

manroland GOSS web systems is a global leader in the web-offset printing sector. The printing machines from Augsburg are delivered worldwide and are used in newspaper, publishing, and advertising printing. Pioneering technology, economic efficiency, and high print quality are the hallmarks of manroland.

Indoor delivery and complete installation in large components

SCHOLPP’s expertise in the installation of printing machines is founded on extensive experience in its ability to bring in systems in large components and to assemble them. This saves time and makes the installation process extremely efficient. Nevertheless, this project at Rotolito presented a few challenges for the team.

Due to a lack of space, the LITHOMAN components were delivered by truck to an adjacent site. This is also where the truck-mounted cranes were positioned. A 1.3 m height difference between the adjacent site and the workshop level needed to be overcome when bringing in the parts. In addition, there were only three meters of space in front of the workshop’s entry point. With components measuring up to 15 meters in length, the crane’s possible pivot range was relatively small. A great deal of skill was needed to lower and set down loads onto the machine transport cart.

The web-offset machine included four printing units, each weighing 28 metric tons (dimensions: 4.80×2.50×3.65 m), a dryer weighing 23 metric tons (dimensions: 15.30×3.04×2.71 m), a folder (dimensions: 6.15×2.90×3.85 m)—consisting of a basic folder weighing 26.5 metric tons and folder delivery device weighing almost 22 metric tons—and a reel splicer weighing ten metric tons.

All the large components were transported into the workshop using a machine transport cart and forklift. At the destination, the parts were lifted by a four-post TG 180 lifting gantry and put in their final positions. The overall dimensions of the assembled system were 42 meters in length, seven meters in height and ten meters in width. After installation was finished on schedule, the SCHOLPP team handed over the printing machine in a finely adjusted condition to the manroland GOSS web systems team for commissioning.

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manroland GOSS web systems GmbH


Printing industry

Project type:

New installation projects


Indoor delivery and complete machine installation for Rotolito Lombarda in Milan, Italy

Equipment used:

40–120-t truck-mounted cranes, 3-t and 5-t forklifts, machine transport cart, four-post TG180 lifting gantry

Unique factors:

Overcoming a large height difference between site and workshop for indoor delivery with limited crane-pivoting range due to lack of space at the entry point

Contact person:

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