Installation of a servo press

New Helmerding servo press for Erzgebirge region supplier

Synteks Umformtechnik GmbH from Zwönitz processes all kinds of metals into stamped, pressed, and drawn parts that are then used as individual components or in assemblies primarily in the automotive industry. To continue doing so, the company needed a new Helmerding servo press.

Helmerding, a leader in press technology, supplies the entire metal-processing industry with the appropriate machines and systems. The manufacturer’s servo presses enable more flexible and therefore more economical production, especially in the case of complex parts. The use of servo motors makes the drive speed of the press controllable; the tappet motion can be adjusted as desired, giving the forming process its optimal time.

The SCHOLPP installation team from the Chemnitz location brought one such Helmerding servo press into the Synteks Umformtechnik GmbH plant in Zwönitz. We knew the plant well, because we had already relocated the entire company to this location about 15 years ago.

Day 1 of the project was reserved for the construction of the lifting gantry, followed by the unloading of the three heavy parts, of which the heaviest had an individual component weight of 100 tonnes, and horizontal transport and setting of the press bed. Next, the bed was aligned, the side columns were unloaded, transported, and set, and then the tappet and head piece were installed. After the lifting gantry had finally been dismantled again and loaded onto the SCHOLPP truck, the new press was successfully commissioned just one week later.

Installation of a servo press
Installation of a servo press
Installation of a servo press
Installation of a servo press
Installation of a servo press
Installation of a servo press
Installation of a servo press

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Synteks Umformtechnik GmbH


Forming industry

Project type:

Rigging projects


Basic installation of a Helmerding servo press

Equipment used:

TG320/4 lifting gantry, 140 t cart, 2 x 160 t truck-mounted cranes

Unique factors:

Due to the very tight spatial constraints, a 100 t swivel hook had to be used to turn all parts in advance.

Contact person:

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