Installation of a ship loader and unloader

SCHOLPP was commissioned by FLSmidth Wadgassen GmbH to install two large ship unloaders and a ship loader for the Moorburg coal-fired power plant. After unloading the lower sections on the main and secondary docks of the power plant grounds, SCHOLPP started by preassembling the unloader upper sections. Preassembly locations were set up on the grounds of the Blohm + Voss wharf and the Rhenus-Dradenau terminal. The preassembled upper sections – colossal works measuring 30 metres long, 25 metres wide and 40 metres high, and each weighing 470 tonnes – were shipped on the southern Elbe river by barge to their destination. The upper sections were installed from the waterside using a Taklift 7 floating crane. A Grove crane on a barge was used to erect and attach the two seaside booms – each weighing 120 tonnes: yet another challenge that was successfully overcome by the 16-strong SCHOLPP team. With its three installation locations and timespan of one-and-a-half years, the project required an immense amount of coordination. Close cross-team collaboration with staff from FLSmidth Wadgassen GmbH, who were responsible for engineering, management and technical expertise, was an important part of the project’s success.

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Power plant engineering

Project type:

New installation projects


Installation of two ship unloaders for coal and a ship loader for power plant residue at the new Vattenfall power plant in Hamburg-Moorburg

Equipment used:

Taklift 7 floating crane with 1200-tonne lifting capacity, mobile cranes with 100 to 400 tonnes of lifting capacity, LR 1280 crawler crane, 30-tonne Ormig, TG 320 lifting gantry, various lifting platforms

Unique factors:

Assembly on land from the water; careful documentation of 3500 high-strength screw fittings; steel construction from a 35-metre-high lifting platform under rainy and windy conditions

Contact person:

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