Internal relocation of machinery

Complete service from dismantling to recommissioning

We love machines. So we enjoy projects that involve a variety of machine types. One such task was facing BINDER GmbH, a company known around the world for its expertise in simulation chambers. Various machines needed to be relocated within the plant to the new COMPETENCE FACTORY. From dismantling to recommissioning, the SCHOLPP team got to draw on all their areas of expertise. A very tight layout limited the room available for logistics.

Relocating the production area presented a particular challenge for the team. There was a one-meter height difference to overcome when removing the machines and plant. The team therefore deployed a ramp, from which the plant was then loaded for internal transport.

The comprehensive inventory of machinery included two TRUMPF TruBend bending machines, TRUMPF punching machines, a TRUMPF TruShear, a deep-drawing press, and various welding machines.

SCHOLPP handled the entire dismantling and reinstallation operation, including documentation, scheduling, job site setup, machine labeling, and technical cleaning. In addition, two machines were painted. The plan called for two installation teams (dismantling/assembly), coordinated by an installation manager.

A key piece of technology was the TG 320 lifting gantry with 12-meter-long transport rails. This was used to relocate the deep-drawing press. The project also required two truck-mounted cranes for loading. To transport the machines, SCHOLPP used one of its own mega tarpaulin trailers. Once the reinstallation and recommissioning were complete, a final inspection was conducted, and the plant went into operation right on schedule at its new location.

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Binder GmbH


Medical / Pharmaceutical industry

Project type:

Rigging projects


Internal relocation of machinery, complete service including dismantling, reinstallation and commissioning of various machines

Equipment used:

TG 320 lifting gantry with 12-m-long transport rails for relocating heavy parts within the production facility, HK60 and HK 45 truck-mounted cranes, mega tarpaulin truck-trailer, 6-t and 8-t forklifts, scissor platform, 70-t machine transport cart

Unique factors:

Extensive machinery of various makes, layout on multiple levels, compact structure, limited room for logistics

Contact person:

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