Machine installation for the printing industry

Indoor delivery and installation of a sheet-fed offset press

Commissioned by the world market leader: For many years, SCHOLPP has been installing large-format sheet-fed offset presses worldwide for industry-leading machine manufacturer Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG in Baden-Württemberg. Just as for SDP SachsenDruck GmbH in Plauen.

Our assembly specialists installed a Heidelberger large-format sheet-fed offset press at SachsenDruck in Plauen. Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG is the world’s leading manufacturer of sheet-fed offset presses and develops comprehensive solutions for the printed-media industry. SDP SachsenDruck GmbH in Plauen invested in a new printing press from Heidelberger—the Speedmaster XL145-5+L(X1). This machine type is used for large-format commercial and packaging printing.

The printing press was 26.5 meters long, six meters wide, four meters tall, and weighed a total of just under 168 metric tons. These systems are delivered by the manufacturer as individual components and are only assembled once on site at the final destination. For the Speedmaster XL 145, the SCHOLPP installers had the following components on their transport list: a feeder, five printing units, a coating module and a delivery unit.

Inside delivery via a steep and narrow access road

All parts had to be unloaded from the truck, brought in and positioned in the workshop. The team unloaded the components using a 160-metric-ton truck-mounted crane and brought them in with a machine transport cart and a self-propelled heavy-duty transport trolley. A TG 180 hydraulic lifting gantry with four posts was used for positioning. Due to the local conditions in Plauen, the job presented some challenges for the team.

The truck-mounted crane was assembled between two buildings on a narrow access road that was also on a slope. A canopy roof prevented the team from setting down the machine parts in front of the entry point, so they had to work via the steep access road. Both the positioning of the crane and handling of the heavy loads therefore required the utmost care. The crane lifted the machine parts from the truck, which was parked on the access road. The crane then rotated 180 degrees with the load and placed the machine parts on the machine transport cart or the heavy-duty transport trolley in front of the workshop. The SCHOLPP team transported the components to the installation site in the workshop, where they were picked up using the TG 180 hydraulic lifting gantry and positioned with millimeter accuracy. Next, the machine was assembled and commissioned by the manufacturer.

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Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG


Printing industry

Project type:

New installation projects


Unloading, indoor delivery and positioning of a sheet-fed offset press complete with feeder, five printing units, coating module and delivery unit (length 26.5 meters, total weight nearly 168 metric tons)

Equipment used:

Truck-mounted crane (160 t), machine transport cart (40 t), self-propelled heavy-duty transport trolley (40 t), TG 180 hydraulic lifting gantry (4 posts), forklift, road plates

Unique factors:

Inside delivery via a steep and narrow access road

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