Machine installation on multiple levels

Mechanical and electrical installation of a paper sheeter

Component by component: Paper processing is a multistage process, and the complexity of the systems reflects this. These largely consist of modular components that are difficult to transport and install. SCHOLPP took on such an installation for Pyroll Germany GmbH in Baienfurt, in which large height differences had to be overcome.

Machine installation for the paper and packaging industry

Pyroll is an international group headquartered near Helsinki in Finland. The business sector includes packaging solutions, cardboard and paper products. The Pyroll group also operates a plant in Germany: Pyroll Germany GmbH, based in Baienfurt near Ravensburg. SCHOLPP’s task was to bring in and install a new machine at the local production facility.

Indoor delivery over large height differences

The greatest challenge in this project was bringing in the multilevel sheeter’s superstructure. To do this, the first step was to build a substructure that made it possible for the machine components to be transported over the large height differences and then placed in the final positions. This complex construction included building an exterior platform. In the second step, a TG 160 movable lifting gantry was erected. This was mounted on 40 linear meters of transport rails, which were supported at a height of one meter.

Once the structure for indoor delivery, maneuvering and positioning had been erected, the mobile crane could begin the third step and unload the individual machine parts. The components, with dimensions of 3.2 meters wide, 6.5 meters long and with a weight of up to 10 metric tons, were brought in one after another. The SCHOLPP installers joined these together into the finished system, bringing the total size to 30 meters long, six meters wide and four meters tall. In the fourth step at the end of the project, SCHOLPP’s electricians took on the complete electrical assembly and installation.

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Pyroll Germany GmbH


Packaging industry

Project type:

Rigging projects


Machine installation of a paper sheeter; unloading, indoor delivery, and positioning

Equipment used:

Exterior platform, mobile crane, TG 160 lifting gantry, forklift

Unique factors:

Exterior platform, mobile crane, TG 160 lifting gantry, forklift

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