Machinery transport for a plant relocation

Loading, indoor delivery and positioning of CNC machining centers

Installation quartet makes machinery transport a reality: Take an assembly manager and three specialist fitters, plus a sound plan and a goal. When a SCHOLPP team like this pulls together with the client, the plant relocation of a mid-sized company takes less than four weeks.

Machinery transport for specialists in precision mechanics

Herbrig & Co. GmbH of Altenberg in Saxony is a mid-sized, owner-managed family company with 160 employees. The company, founded in 1956, is a member of an industrial cluster for precision mechanics in the eastern Erzgebirge region.

Herbrig & Co.’s product range includes medium to highly complex turned parts (diameters 0.5–42 mm), which are produced on more than 130 automatic lathes. Each year, Herbrig supplies around 100 million turned parts to countries across the world. A new workshop was built at the Bärenstein production site. A SCHOLPP team transported a total of 31 machines to the new site from an old workshop and a leased location. As part of the job, some old machines that were no longer needed were removed and loaded for a buyer in France.

Unloading, indoor delivery and positioning

The transport list for this job was long and varied. First, there were 14 Pfiffner Hydromat HW 25 rotary-transfer machines (size: almost 2×2×1.6 meters; weight: three metric tons) and one Hydromat HW 32 (size: almost 3×3×1.6 meters; weight: five metric tons). In addition to these existing machines, a further two new Pfiffner Hydromat HW 25 machines were delivered.

Furthermore, the machinery transport included CNC lathes made by Traub and Index, the largest of which weighed five metric tons. Finally, there were three more machines made by Miyano. With a weight of almost ten metric tons, the Miyano ABX was the heaviest machine to be transported.

Complying with various transport requirements

Due to the different machine types, there were a number of various manufacturer's transport requirements that the team needed to follow. This become routine in day-to-day business thanks to the experience of the SCHOLPP installation team. Within just under four weeks, the SCHOLPP team, consisting of an assembly manager and three specialist fitters, accomplished the complete machinery transport for Herbrig.

The time window was very tight for the size of the team and for the scope of the job, which included loading, transport, unloading and indoor delivery. Nevertheless, all the machines were at their work locations as requested on the big day, ready to be put into operation by the client. Above all else, detailed planning and intensive consultation with all parties made this possible.

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Herbrig & Co. GmbH Präzisionsmechanik


Forming industry , Mechanical engineering

Project type:

Rigging projects


Machinery transport of 31 CNC machining centers

Equipment used:

Forklift (16 t), electric forklift (8 t), container with installation equipment.

Unique factors:

Narrow time frame, small installation team

Contact person:

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