New installation of a recycling system

Largest aluminum recycling plant rises in Saxony-Anhalt

A mammoth undertaking by the SCHOLPP Group has come to a successful conclusion. Novelis, the world market leader for rolled aluminum products and aluminum recycling, has invested some 200 million euros in Saxony-Anhalt. The largest aluminum recycling plant of its kind in Europe was constructed in the town of Seeland in the space of one and a half years. Installation partner SCHOLPP brought its experience, know-how, special equipment, and above all its ideas about technical feasibility to the table. The assignment was the complete mechanical and electrical installation of the new recycling system according to the system manufacturer’s instructions, including complete construction logistics and start-up supervision.

Three shredder lines with pre-shredders, various sorting devices and conveyor belts, two casting machines, and a furnace area with self-propelled automatic vehicles and associated docking and loading stations were installed. SCHOLPP professionals transported system parts each weighing up to 74 tonnes; the task required up to 70 employees, three tool containers, and two electrical containers. The challenge: all heavy-duty lifting operations had to be fully described and presented in advance in the form of risk assessments in order to safeguard the project. There were even some installation dry-runs with video documentation. In addition, the project and construction site management – one project manager, one logistics manager, one mechanical installation manager, one electrical installation manager and four supervisors – were on site during the entire installation period to ensure a smooth process.

New installation of a recycling system
New installation of a recycling system
New installation of a recycling system
New installation of a recycling system
New installation of a recycling system
New installation of a recycling system

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Novelis Sheet Ingot GmbH


Forming industry

Project type:

New installation projects


New installation of all machine and system parts with construction site coordination and supervision of commissioning

Equipment used:

20-250 t truck-mounted crane, lifting gantry, in-plant carts, 3-8 t forklifts, 3 tool containers

Unique factors:

Installing the large parts while shell construction was in progress; special path concepts had to be constantly redefined for heavy system parts; installation of subsystems during the commissioning process; heavy-duty lifting operations had to be run through in advance for the purpose of demonstration; installation of approximately 6 km of hydraulic lines with up to 340 bar operating pressure, 1 km of compressed air lines, and 30 km of electrical lines

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