Plant relocation in China

Changchun is one of the main industrial centres in the north of China and is characterised by vehicle manufacturers, steel plants and metal processing companies. The German automotive supplier ElringKlinger has been producing in Changchun since 1993. ElringKlinger recently began producing cylinder-head gaskets, special gaskets and plastic housing modules in a completely new plant in Changchun. SCHOLPP China was involved in the move and also transported a coating unit from Canada to add to the new plant. SCHOLPP China sent two supervisors to monitor the dismantling of the facility in Leamington, Canada and supervise the transport to China. In China, there were an additional 150 machines, which SCHOLPP moved to the new factory, some eight kilometres from the old production site, over the course of three months. A total of 24 Chinese SCHOLPP employees were involved in the project.

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Project type:

International relocation projects


Complete relocation of the ElringKlinger plant in Changchun, incl. stamping presses, machine tools, injection moulding machines, coating units, kilns and compressors, as well as the relocation of a coating unit from Leamington, Canada to Changchun.

Equipment used:

Lifting gantry TG 360, E-Ormig 5t, 9t and 10t forklifts, truck loading crane

Unique factors:

Relocation during ongoing production according to the customer's schedule; first international project under the lead of SCHOLPP China

Contact person:

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