Plant relocation including dismantling and reinstallation

Drywall plant moves 1,400 kilometers across Europe

Relocating individual machines is a routine job for SCHOLPP. Relocating an entire plant, on the other hand, is a special job even for us. When the plant has to move 1,400 km across Europe, from Lübbenau in the German state of Brandenburg to the Romanian town of Turceni, then it’s quite a logistical challenge that we accepted from Grenzebach BSH GmbH, based in Bad Hersfeld, and implemented under their management.

Under the project management of the SCHOLPP branch in Erfurt, all machine and system parts of the decommissioned drywall plant in Lübbenau were to be brought to Romania. This included many large and heavy elements, such as the recycling station, the dryer, and the steam boiler. With a length of 22 meters and weighing 100 tonnes, the calciner was the largest and heaviest part. The task was accomplished using a wide range of SCHOLPP special equipment, including the TG 360 lifting gantry, a 130 tonne truck-mounted crane, and a 16 tonne forklift.

The entire plant was dismantled by SCHOLPP before transport. 167 trucks delivered the individual components over the road to the destination, while the heavy load and three large parts were transported via river ferry. Reinstallation began once the system was brought into the new building. The old system parts were connected to new system parts. Grenzebach converted the overhauled Allen Bradley control system to Siemens S7. SCHOLPP’s scope of services included all wiring and cabling. To meet the fixed acceptance deadlines, which were subject to penalties, it was necessary to maintain permanent project control. Due to local restrictions at the reinstallation location related to approvals, as well as the communication barriers, the project shaped up to be a real challenge.

Thanks to precise project management, flexible and quick thinking of the installation management on site, and the targeted deployment of personnel and technology, the project was completed by SCHOLPP within the scheduled time.

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Grenzebach BSH GmbH


Mechanical engineering

Project type:

International relocation projects


Relocation of the drywall plant from Lübbenau to Turceni (Romania), including dismantling and reinstallation

Equipment used:

TG 360 lifting gantry, 130 t truck-mounted crane, 16 t and 8 t forklifts, Manghi and Locatelli in-plant crane

Unique factors:

Many large and heavy system parts (calciner: length 22 m, weight 100 t), acceptance deadlines subject to penalties, upgrade to new electrical system, communication barriers, local restrictions for approvals

Contact person:

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