Press line 29 moved from Sindelfingen to Kecskemét

Following Daimler AG’s decision to build its first foreign pressing plant for Mercedes-Benz Cars in Kecskemét, Hungary, SCHOLPP was commissioned to move a complete press line. A year after the start of construction work, the first components were moved into the building, and production at the new facility launched one year later. But before the press line could enter operation, the SCHOLPP specialists had their part to play. They dismantled press line 29 in Sindelfingen and reconditioned it mechanically and electrically. The drives and gearboxes were removed and transported to the manufacturer for servicing. The line’s six presses were reduced to five, and the sixth was set up as a tryout press for breaking in tools. There was limited space in Sindelfingen for temporary storage, so the components were dismantled, extracted and packed to a precise schedule. Approximately 3500 tonnes of material were distributed between 150 trucks and open-top containers and then dispatched to Hungary along with another 30 heavy loads. At the destination, fitters were waiting to reassemble the press line. The scope of work performed by SCHOLPP included the mechanical and electrical dismantling and reassembly, coordinating the reconditioning of the mechanical components, system control, electronic enhancements and all elements of the logistics. Where unforeseeable difficulties arose, the SCHOLPP team were able to find suitable solutions quickly.

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Automotive , Forming industry

Project type:

International relocation projects


Entire Mercedes-Benz press line 29 (plus equipment) in Sindelfingen dismantled into transportable units; complete transport logistics; unloading and move-in; installation of extremely heavy parts; finalizing the facility

Equipment used:

TG 1.000 lifting gantry, mobile cranes, self-propelled gantry, portals, axle lines

Unique factors:

Reconfiguration of the press line from six presses to five presses plus one tryout press, reconditioning of components and modernization of the control, temporary storage of parts

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