Press refurbishment for a premium manufacturer of white goods

A German premium manufacturer of white goods is now working with an optimized Mossini press (press force 12,500 kN) thanks to PTC PressEngineering. The manufacturer is well known for its high-quality washing machines, dishwashers and refrigerators. It had its press gearbox serviced, and the functionality of the entire system optimized. Following a lead time of five months, PTC PressEngineering dismantled and reassembled the entire gearbox. A special mobile crane had to be used due to the particular design of the hall. In addition, some conveyors under the hall roof had to be dismantled. As part of the retrofit, gear-wheel rims were inserted, counter and drive shafts were refurbished, and keyway connections were replaced with zero-play tensioning elements. The PTC team were able to increase the safety of the gearing from approximately 0.367 to around 1.128. What’s more, additional bearing points and optimized lubrication have minimized wear on the gearing and improved the running behaviour. Project Manager Phillip van Aken (PTC) supervised the retrofit from the initial consultations at the customer’s facility right through to successful on-site acceptance.

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Weiße Ware


Mechanical engineering

Project type:

Modernization / Retrofitting


Dismantling and reassembly of the noise protection, disconnection of the ram in a Mossini press, dismantling and reassembly of the entire gearbox in situ, refurbishment of both gear stages with extremely short downtimes

Unique factors:

Without dismantling the press, all dimensions of the required parts had to be determined in advance; assembly in two shifts due to the very tight schedule; defective bearing seats previously made by the manufacturer were corrected by adjusting the gearing during the refurbishment work.

Contact person:

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