Press relocation

Ford has reconfigured production at its plant in Genk, Belgium – with some high-precision support from SCHOLPP. As part of the project, SCHOLPP relocated two complete Schuler presses. Because the first press – weighing 220 tonnes and with a capacity of 600 tonnes – was travelling a distance of more than seven press lines, the specialists from SCHOLPP had to dismantle it completely and then reassemble it at the new location. The second press, measuring 5 x 3.6 x 9.8 metres, had a transport height of over 11 metres and a total weight of 220 tonnes. It was only travelling four positions within the same press line, so the SCHOLPP specialists could transport it vertically in one piece.

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Automotive , Forming industry

Project type:

International relocation projects


Relocation of two presses with dismantling and reassembly

Equipment used:

TG 500, forklift, lifting platforms, two self-propelled carts SPM (6 axles)

Unique factors:

Complete modification of the press pipework, lateral connection to the 6-axle SPMTs

Contact person:

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