Production expansion for the the world’s leading brush manufacturer

Dismantling into major components requires transport of overwidth loads

New Mink brush factory 4 goes into service: SCHOLPP Stuttgart received the contract to relocate complete production lines from Göppingen to the new production site. August Mink KG is the global market leader for modern fiber and brush technology for industrial applications. For Mink, expanding the production facilities was the next step due to the strong growth of the company.

August Mink KG already had a presence in Göppingen before the expansion, with three production sites. Due to the increased order volume, there was not much space in the factories. That's why Mink built its new, fourth factory in Göppingen, in the district of Jebenhausen. The production was reorganized and reconfigured, and some production lines took a trip to other production sites in Göppingen.

Complete processing from one source

The SCHOLPP team in Stuttgart was commissioned to ensure that the brush specialist’s machines and plants made it through the relocation process covering 2.5 kilometers safely and in good time. In the past, the factory’s own service team handled smaller projects and the installation of new plants itself. This time, due to the large scope of the project, Mink employed the specialists at SCHOLPP to take care of everything. Specifically, the project involved several machines and plants for the production of panel brushes. These products help to protect sensitive surfaces, such as sheet metal, furniture parts, and flat glass, during industrial processing.

These panel production lines consist of individual production plants. These include suction plants, shearing plants, and tufting plants, as well as milling centers and sawing centers and a wide range of attachment parts. Because the plants and machines are very complex, there was potential for a very high level of dismantling effort. However, this effort had to be kept as low as possible due to time constraints. SCHOLPP met this requirement by only dismantling the plants into their major components. The expected time savings were the crucial factor in this decision, even though this made the transport requirements more challenging.

Special transports with excess width

As a result, several loads were transported as overwidth loads on low-bed megatrailers to the new production factory. The maximum individual weight was eight metric tons, and the largest dimensions were approximately 6.5 x 3 x 3 meters. In the new Mink factory 4, all the machines were then moved back in and positioned by SCHOLPP.

Finally, SCHOLPP coordinated the start-up of the machines and plants in close coordination with Mink and in line with the production schedule. The close contact between SCHOLPP and the machine manufacturers paid off once again here. Short lead times and maximum flexibility with regard to start-ups made it easier to stay on schedule. Thanks to the joint detailed planning done in advance and the effective cooperation between the production management team at Mink and the SCHOLPP Stuttgart team, the new factory was put into service on time.

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August Mink KG


Mechanical engineering

Project type:

Rigging projects


Relocation of several machines and plants for the production of panel brushes in Göppingen, including dismantling, transport, moving in/positioning, and coordination of start-up

Equipment used:

Two 5-ton forklifts, two 8-ton forklifts, machine transport cart, tool container with installation equipment, low-bed megatrailer, machine aligning device

Unique factors:

Dismantling into major components, transport of overwidth loads

Contact person:

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