Production relocation of TRUMPF machinery

CSM - complete service management from dismantling to recommissioning

Whenever customers want to relocate TRUMPF machinery, they can benefit from a long-standing partnership: SCHOLPP CSM—complete service management. Wiesheu GmbH, Germany’s leading manufacturer of in-store baking ovens, used SCHOLPP CSM for its project to relocate a production hall full of TRUMPF machinery.

CSM - complete service management for production relocation

Behind SCHOLPP CSM - complete service management - is a sophisticated standard for specific cooperation between customer, machine manufacturer, and SCHOLPP. The teams from SCHOLPP, with machine-specific training, consist of mechanics, mechatronics engineers and electricians, and mainly work directly for the machine manufacturer on projects for new installations. The end customer benefits from this experience and the standardized coordination between SCHOLPP and the manufacturer. The partners are clearly aware of the processes and personal and direct contacts are available: from the joint inspection of the site in advance, to a direct line to customer services during the relocation.

The installation and transport list for the oven specialists Wiesheu in Baden-Württemberg contained five TRUMPF machines by: two TruBend Cell 5170 (S) automated bending cells type with Bendmaster 60, a TruBend 5130 bending machine and a 5050 bending machine, and an automated TruLaser 3030 (L20) 2D laser-cutting machine with Liftmaster.

Production relocation from dismantling to recommissioning

SCHOLPP accomplished the complete relocation of production involving planning, dismantling, transport, reinstallation and support in recommissioning. From the dismantling site in Affalterbach, located north of Stuttgart, seven trucks with tarpaulin trailers and a special transport with an extendable megatrailer transported the load to the reinstallation site 12 km away in Grossbottwar. In the run-up to the relocation, SCHOLPP coordinated intensely with the machine manufacturer TRUMPF and the customer Wiesheu: Installation requirements, spare parts and transport safety equipment were on site for the start of installation

All parties worked together to draw up a detailed timetable. The planning included site inspections at Wiesheu to guarantee production readiness was quickly restored according to the production plan and possible time slots for commissioning. Moreover, the limited space at the facilities meant that it was essential to preplan the locations of the two 80 t truck-mounted cranes to ensure smooth loading and unloading of the loads.

Baked-in success: good organization

Production at Wiesheu is organized redundantly, meaning that the key machines (automatic bending cells) are duplicated on the production line. So initially, one bending cell was relocated. The relocation of the remaining machines was staggered and only started once the first bending cell was recommissioned at the new site. For the final positioning during reinstallation, the SCHOLPP team used special tools to take measurements, in particular an accurate measuring device made by Ritec. Staff are, of course, familiar with the correct handling procedures and trained in installation. This ensures that a used machine is reinstalled in the same quality as a new one. For lateral transport, SCHOLPP used two 4-t electric forklifts and its heavy-duty rollers, which were specially adapted to the transport of bending machines.

The 2D laser-cutting machine proved to be a sticking point timewise in the entire relocation process. For this, the timetable was corresponding tight. Removal from Affalterbach began early in the morning, so the team could start with reinstallation and recommissioning in Grossbottwar on the same day. At short notice, it was necessary to speed up reinstallation of the 2D laser machine. SCHOLPP quickly mobilized additional manpower to get this done.

Fast production relocation through division of labor.

The complete dismantling of the bending cells was accomplished by SCHOLPP’s CSM team. For lateral transport, the project manager employed the specialists in regional installation. This is how SCHOLPP-internal division of labor was efficiently organized. SCHOLPP also benefited from the CSM team’s rich experience in cooperating with TRUMPF technicians. The interfaces for cooperating on production relocations and machinery installations have been clearly defined and honed over the long partnership.

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Wiesheu GmbH


Forming industry

Project type:

Rigging projects


Production relocation of five TRUMPF machines (CSM—complete service management) from Affalterbach to Grossbottwar, Baden-Württemberg

Equipment used:

2×4 t electric forklift, 2×80 t truck-mounted crane, heavy-duty rollers adapted for the transport of bending machines, SCHOLPP tool box with special tool, extendable megatrailer, standard tarpaulin truck, special tool for measuring (Ritec measuring device), installation equipment

Unique factors:

CSM - complete service management

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