Relocation and modernization of a fluid press

World’s largest fluid press moves to Ingolstadt by rail

Fielitz GmbH, based in Ingolstadt, acquired a one-of-a-kind, decommissioned fluid press in Baden-Württemberg. The sheet-metal-forming specialist uses the system and its maximum pressing force of 150,000 tonnes to manufacture geometrically unusual metal elements for high-end architecture. Before the press could be commissioned at its new location, SCHOLPP had to see to its complete dismantling, cleaning, transport, reinstallation, modernization, and CE certification.

Fielitz had selected the necessary modules from the SCHOLPP catalog of services ahead of time – we then came up with technical, logistical, and computational solutions. The analysis of the system found that the electrical/electronic and control systems had to be completely rebuilt and modernized. A team was therefore assembled from various areas of expertise at SCHOLPP to carry out the complex project: installation technicians from Stuttgart, press specialists from PTC PressEngineering from Oberhausen, cleaning specialists from the Nuremberg location, and external partners.

During the dismantling of the system, all electrical components of the press were removed and recycled. Mechanical components were cleaned before loading. At the same time, 7,000 liters of special oil used for operating the system were drained, processed, and disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner. The subsequent transport presented special challenges. Oversized and weighing 220 tonnes, the cylinder, the core of the press, could not be transported on the road. The only feasible alternative was a Schnabel car made by Austrian company Felbermayr. One of a kind in Europe, this car can move the center of gravity of its load – up to 350 tonnes – left or right in tight locations. The cylinder began its 250 km journey on the special car according to plan. The trip took a week, because the car could only travel at night and at a maximum speed of 40 km/h. Nevertheless, the giant package arrived at its destination on time. The rest of the machine parts were transported to Ingolstadt by road without a problem.

A short time later, the press specialists from PTC got started on the reinstallation work. Once the large components were assembled and the fine adjustment was completed, the next item on the plan was the electrical reinstallation, including modernization of all of the control technology. The system was then repainted by SCHOLPP employees from Nuremberg. With the appropriate CE certification, which was also taken care of by SCHOLPP, Fielitz was able to process its first orders on the fluid press shortly thereafter.

Relocation and modernization of a fluid press
Relocation and modernization of a fluid press
Relocation and modernization of a fluid press
Relocation and modernization of a fluid press
Relocation and modernization of a fluid press

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Fielitz GmbH


Automotive , Forming industry

Project type:

Relocation projects


Dismantling, transport, and reinstallation of the press, including technical cleaning and press modernization

Equipment used:

Lifting gantry, forklift, crane

Unique factors:

Heavy transport by rail using special Schnabel car, modernization of control technology, CE certification

Contact person:

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