Relocation of 100 large-scale machines

Aesculap AG manufactures medical products and instruments specifically for surgery. The Tuttlingen company had scheduled the relocation of motor and container production for July to October 2014. A total of about 100 large-scale machines, each weighing more than three tonnes, needed to be relocated to the new production hall while day-to-day operations continued. SCHOLPP took on this job – and some special tasks along with it.

After the machines had been dismantled and transported to the new hall, cleaning the individual components was on the agenda. SCHOLPP’s expertise in technical cleaning meant that all the machines could be moved into the new building free of oil and dust.

Next on the schedule was reassembly. Here the SCHOLPP team paid particular attention alignment and validation. Validation is defined by the FDA, the US Food and Drug Administration, as “a procedure by which a laboratory confirms by examination, and provides objective evidence, that the particular requirements for specific uses are fulfilled”.

A ballbar test was therefore carried out on all machines using a test tool. The required values had to be redemonstrated after reassembly in order to confirm pre- and post-relocation levels. Following installation, verification was performed together with machine operators and quality management.

SCHOLPP was able to put its many years of expertise in presses into action. Two presses also needed to be relocated, one of which included a handling unit. These had to be lifted out over the roof as there was a washing plant directly in front of the presses, which continued to operate during the dismantling process.

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Medical / Pharmaceutical industry

Project type:

Relocation projects


Relocation of motor and container production to a new production hall including cleaning and validation, in total approximately 100 large-scale machines

Equipment used:

TG 360 lifting gantry, 15-tonne lifting platform, assembly trolley, tool container

Unique factors:

Relocation during ongoing operation

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