Relocation of a wafer production plant & solar module production plant

Microsol is an expanding manufacturer of solar modules based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). After it acquired three wafer production lines, the company commissioned SCHOLPP to transport the equipment from Germany to Fujairah. The three lines covering a production area of 18,000 square metres were matchmarked, dismantled and packed into 120 containers and 90 oversized crates ready for shipment to Fujairah. All the dismantling work and transport preparations were completed within six weeks. In the meantime, Microsol had purchased further machines in Berlin that also had to be transported to the UAE. SCHOLPP was responsible for dismantling, packing and loading 89 ocean containers and 36 boxes for flat racks at the German end, and it managed to hit the tight deadline of four weeks that had been set for this work. Microsol then commissioned SCHOLPP to relocate a solar module production facility and reassemble it in the UAE. Each of the three lines had to be electrically and mechanically dismantled, packed and loaded up in Germany in under two weeks. Then each line had to be reassembled in Fujairah in just three weeks – without any assistance from the manufacturer. The plant went into operation just-in-time following reassembly in the UAE.

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Semiconductor / Photovoltaic industry

Project type:

International relocation projects


Relocation of wafer production facilities, various machines and a solar module production plant for Microsol in Fujairah, UAE

Equipment used:

60-tonne mobile crane, 9-tonne Ormig, 5-tonne forklift, 10-tonne forklift and 16-tonne forklift, assembly containers

Unique factors:

Tight schedule, limited space, reassembly of the solar module plant without assistance from the manufacturer

Contact person:

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